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As a disability-at-work expert (see my Dependable Strengths), I help parents use effective strategies in career development to prepare their youngsters with a disability for meaningful vocations and independent living.

It’s all about tutoring for kids about disability at work.

I urge you to put disability to work as your competitive edge. Result? Frustration subsides. Hope endures. Dreams come true.

In fact, each of my 14 books explains the central job coaching premise I’ve developed during the last 20 years of research, editing, writing and publishing: Disability, when framed strategically, can be a competitive advantage in today’s job market for job seekers with special needs.

As an Accredited Business Communicator and Global Career Development Facilitator, I’m the founder of, the comprehensive career coaching guide for parents of youngsters with cerebral palsy who are 7 to 27 years old. That involves using online career training to develop a career development plan.

Through Hasse Communication Counseling, LLC, I help champions of disability employment form partnerships for win-win opportunities, tapping the 29 years of experience I have in corporate communications (10 of them as a vice president for a Fortune 500 company).

And, oh, by the way, I’ve had cerebral palsy since birth.


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