Each of the seven Little Books (above) takes about 40 minutes to read. Each illustrates and summarizes the essential career builders for a youngster’s age group – all through seven transformation stories about my personal experience as a person with cerebral palsy.

Here’s a quick and easy fund-raiser that, at the same time, provides free, valuable information to parents of youngsters with disabilities.
As a Career Development Facilitator and author of the Jim Hasse disability-at-work guides for parenting youngsters with disabilities, I'll help you recruit a sponsor for offering a set amount of one of my 20 career-readiness books (below) for free to the people you serve. Your non-profit will receive 50 percent of the royalties for the book your sponsor distributes, on a first come/first serve basis, to your members.

Fund-raising, Corporate Sponsorship Possibilities for Disability-at-work Champions

Three Career-coaching Audiobooks for Parenting Youngsters with Special Needs

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Details About the Jim Hasse Disability-at-work Guides
for Parenting Youngsters with Disabilities

Explore the Link Between Family Dynamics and Successful School-to-Work Transitions

Five Career-coaching eBooks for Parenting Youngsters with Special Needs

Quick Career-insight Series of Seven eBooks for Parents of Youngsters with Cerebral Palsy

Each of these five paperback books (above) also takes about 40 minutes to read. Each illustrates and summarizes the essential career development strategies to follow for a youngster’s age group – all based on the road map recommended by National Career Development Guidelines and my experience as a Global Career Development Facilitator, as a person with cerebral palsy and as an individual with extensive mainstream work experience.

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In this 60-minute podcast (above), parenting expert Dr. Rosina McAlpine interviews my colleague, Jessica Kleist, about six key career-readiness decisions a youngster with unexpected challenges needs to make while still in high school.

Jessica Kleist, MS. Ed., LPC-IT, is a speaker, facilitator, Professional Counselor in Training and owner of Abilities First Counseling & Empowerment Services, LLC. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation in 2000, her Master of Science Degree in Education in 2001 and her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling in 2011 from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

She has had cerebral palsy since birth and says it’s “honor and privilege” to join others along the path to self-discovery through group training and one-on-one counseling.

Jessica is available as a podcast guest speaker. She's prepared to give your listeners insight into a variety of topics about how to effectively approach family dynamics so youngsters with unexpected challenges can make successful school-to-work transitions.

Available as Your Next Podcast Guest

Available in eBook and Paperback formats on Amazon

These three audiobooks are narrated by my colleague, Chris Chappell, a C6-7 quadriplegic. Chris is a dedicated disability advocate. From peer mentoring, to career counseling, life-coaching, to legislative crusading, Chris has been on the front lines of SCI (Spinal Cord Injury/Paralysis) advocacy for more than 15 years. In addition to his corporate career as vice president of investments at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and graduate relations coordinator at Colorado’s Craig Hospital, Chris has a successful commercial voiceover and audiobook narration business (Dublot, LLC).

Disability-at-work Guides for Parents
of Youngsters with Disabilities