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of Youngsters with Disabilities

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Non-profit, Corporate Opportunities to Use the Jim Hasse
Disability-at-work Guides for Parenting Youngsters with Disabilities

“Having lots and lots of people like your page is great. However, it’s no good them liking your page if they’re not interacting with you, if they’re not engaging with you, they’re not sharing your content...,” says Nicole Matejic. author of Social Media Rules of Engagement.

Tap my ready-to-use group discussion topics to stimulate interactivity on your organization’s Facebook page or in your LinkedIn group – all with very little work or time on your part (and at no cost).

Each topic is backed-up with the Jim Hasse disability-at-work guides for parenting youngsters with disabilities. Each guide is essentially an online career training  approach that rivals the career development programs available elsewhere that do not offer a disability perspective.

At right is an example of the type of interactivity my content can generate for your Facebook page or LinkedIn group.

Contact me for further details about how I can meet your specific content, sponsorship or interactivity needs. I'd love to brainstorm with you.

Do you believe increasing disability employment is a priority? Then, consider these opportunities for helping to do just that.

SPONSORED CAREER BOOKS - Recruit corporate/foundation sponsor for underwriting an annual set amount of career-readiness books for free to your members -– with your non-profit receiving 50% of the royalties for the books purchased by the sponsor and distributed, on a first come/first serve basis, to your members.

FACEBOOK ADS/BLOG- Recruit corporate/foundation sponsor for supporting a Facebook ad campaign designed to drive traffic to your blog featuring my career-readiness content as mobile-friendly Facebook Instant Articles.

ORIENTATION TOOL - Supply volunteers/mentors/counselors/buddies with a free “introductory” eBook featuring my transformation stories as a part of the disability awareness training during recruit orientation.

PUBLISH A PAPERBACK- Edit and publish a paperback book of the content generated by your organization and/or your members and posted to your blog. Your organization and contributing members would retain copyright and could promote/sell it individually under a password and code to a personal CreateSpace eStore, which would pay contributors individually for what books they sell under a coupon system.

ARTICLE/RESOURCE LISTING SWAP - Trade a feature article about your non-profit on cerebral-palsy-career-builders.com for a listing of my books on your organization’s website “resources” page.

BLOG/GRANT - Supply career-readiness content for blog on your non-profit site and apply for a Google Grant to drive traffic to the site for increased readership and fundraising potential.

SPEAKER ROYALTIES - Split royalties 50-50 with your non-profit for every career-readiness paperback book that your organization’s speakers, trainers and webinar hosts sell during online and in-person appearances.

OPEN SOURCE APP CONVERSION- Gain a corporate sponsor (such as Google's Impact Challenge Grant for Disabilities) for your non-profit project to convert my content to a career-readiness learning app (using a decision-tree format) for high school and college students.
“THANK YOU” DIRECT MAIL - Recruit a corporate/foundation sponsor for purchasing one of my career-readiness paperback books for a “thank you” end-of-the-year direct mail fundraising campaign (a free-of-charge fundraiser for your non-profit).

PARENT GIFT - Gain a sponsor for underwriting the cost of supplying parents of those youngsters involved in a camping, college orientation or mentoring experience with a free “introductory” eBook featuring my transformation stories as an example of the type of materials your organization/university uses to train your counselors/mentors/volunteers.

SCHEDULE PODCAST GUEST SPEAKER - Tap the expertise of my colleague, Jessica Kleist,  MS. Ed., LPC-IT, speaker, facilitator, Professional Counselor in Training, and owner of Abilities First Counseling & Empowerment, LLC, in helping your podcast listeners explore six ways to foster self-confidence during a school-to-work transition when unexpected challenges are involved in parenting a youngster.